"Mary's Home provides a transit supportive housing environment for pregnant women and their babies

offering a pathway to self-sufficiency, and a life of dignity and respect."



Members of the Board

Ademil Castrillo - President

Angie M. Leggio - Vice President

Florence Oreiro – Secretary

J. Charles Stracuzzi - Treasurer

Rev. Msgr. Gintoli- Spiritual Advisor

Ron Crescenzo - Legal Advisor

George F. MacLean
Janet Martin
Daniel Waldman
John P. Glynn Jr.


Advisory Council

Ademil Castrillo, ex-officio
Beth C. Alcalde, Esq.
Jack Carmody
Eula Clarke
Mark Cocorullo
Mark W. Fedele, D.M.D.
Bancroft T. Foley
Karen Gonzalez, D.D.S.
Michele Reilly
Paul R. Schoppe, D.P.M.
Sharon Taylor
Steven G. Vitale, P.A.
Richard Zappala



Executive Director
Donna Gardner

Honorary Board Member
Frank Flora
Nicholas S. Grubbs
Ed Jost

Members Emeritus
Noel P. Lindsay, Founder
Janet D. Lindsay, Founder