Who does Mary’s Home help?

Mary’s Home of the Treasure Coast is a transitional home centrally located in Stuart, Florida.  We provide residential and non-residential services for pregnant women 18 years or older who are in need of a supportive environment because of a lack of suitable housing or favorable family relationships. Mary’s Home prepares mothers for independent living and a vision of hope for the future through empowerment, education and training. There are no limitations on race, or religion. We help women who need a safe and loving place to stay and who want a chance to make good choices for them and their unborn child.

Unfortunately, Mary’s Home cannot accommodate a woman with children in her custody.

At what point in my pregnancy can I come to Mary’s Home?

You can come to Mary’s Home at any time during your pregnancy, depending on the individual situation. Over the years we have found that the program works best for those who come to us during the first trimester of their pregnancy.

How much does it cost to stay at Mary’s Home?

Mary’s Home is free of charge, however, if while living at Mary’s Home, a resident gains employment we will assist them with developing a budgeting and savings plan.

How long can I stay after my baby is born?

During your time at Mary’s Home, we work with you on developing a plan for after the birth of your baby.  Our goal is for new mothers to complete the program shortly after the birth of the baby.  The length of stay after your baby is born will vary based on your individual life circumstances.

If I stay at Mary’s Home, can I have outings with family or friends?

After a two week stay, woman residing at Mary’s Home are able to have outings during the weekends as long as it has been approved by the Operations Manager.

Do you have to develop an adoption plan if you come to Mary’s Home?

No. Information is provided to each client regarding developing an adoption plan, but residents can choose whether to parent or develop an adoption plan.

Where would I get medical care?

Mary’s Home works with each woman to determine the best approach for her and her baby.  We have a working relationship with Florida Community Health and Martin Health Systems.

Is it possible to continue my education while at Mary’s Home?

Helping you further your education is one of Mary’s Home top priorities. If you have not yet completed high school, working towards a GED is a requirement. With your high school diploma in hand, you will be encouraged to look at various certificate programs such as a Certified Nursing Assistant or Child Development that can be completed during your stay.

If I already have children, can I bring them with me?

Unfortunately, Mary’s Home is not equipped to house young children at this time.

How is Mary’s Home funded?                                                  

Mary’s Home of the Treasure Coast is a not-for-profit organization designated by the IRS as tax exempt under Section 501(c) (3).  We are funded by individual donors, corporate sponsors and through grants.  The donation of goods and services as well as time also helps reduce our operating costs.

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