Our goal at Mary’s Home is to provide homeless, pregnant women with the support and guidance they need to become self-sufficient and make good choices for themselves and their children.

We are working to break the cycle of poverty for mother's and their babies.

You can help us save lives two at a time by giving now to Mary's Home. Your gifts are deeply appreciated!

Mary's Home of the Treasure Coast

Who We Are

Mary’s Home is a faith-based transitional home that provides residential and non-residential services for homeless, pregnant women. Many of the women who seek assistance from Mary's Home are in need of a supportive environment because they lack suitable housing or favorable family relationships. Need Help? Call 772-223-5000

What We Do

In addition to providing shelter, Mary's Home of the Treasure Coast prepares mothers for independent living and works with them to build a vision of hope for their future through financial, professional, and spiritual empowerment, education, and training. Since opening in 2010, Mary’s Home of the Treasure Coast has helped hundreds of women and babies who have lived at the Home. Throughout their time spent at the Home, during their pregnancies and after, all shelter residents work on their education, life skills training (including finance and budgeting), parenting skills, employment preparation courses, spiritual guidance and counseling. Women attend all pre and post-natal health visits, and well baby visits. The education and life skills learned at Mary's Home transitions women to an independent life style with their child.

Who We Help

All homeless, pregnant women are welcome regardless of race, religion or nationality. Mary's Home helps women break the cycles of poverty and dependence for herself, her baby and for the generations that follow. All of the mothers assisted have left the Home as stronger, more independent women enabling them to be a better parent for their new baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Success Stories

Our Mission

The goal of Mary’s Home is to provide all pregnant, homeless women with support and guidance so they can become self-sufficient and make good choices for themselves and their children. Although Mary’s Home may be perceived as serving only Treasure Coast residents, women from other counties and even other states have sought residence at Mary’s Home in Stuart, Florida.

Community Impact & Results

Residents of Mary’s Home of the Treasure Coast have achieved tangible successes since the Home opened in 2010. Women have worked hard to receive their GEDs and vocational certifications in a variety of programs including Certified Nursing Assistant and Child Development Assistant. Others have chosen to pursue internships or study programs at Indian River State College and/or Career Source programs. All of which are chosen to gain skills and become gainfully employed.


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How You Can Help

Mary's Home is a faith-based, independent 501(c) (3) organization that relies on support from individuals and organizations throughout the community. You allow us to help struggling pregnant women change their lives forever and break the cycle of poverty for them and their new baby.


Donations are used in many ways at Mary's Home . Even the smallest donations can play a big part in helping us save two lives at one time. Some donations assist us with paying our monthly bills while other funds are used to help young mothers pursue educational or career focused goals. Some of you donate your time and your resources, and some of our patrons donate by attending our fundraising events. We thank you so much for your support!

You can help now by giving to our campaigns below!

Opportunities For Helping Mary’s Home


WHEN:  Ongoing Donor Program

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:  Adopt-A-Mom is an ongoing donor giving program. We are looking for partners to help supplement the cost of a new mother continuing her education.

By donating on a monthly basis to “Adopt-a-Mom,” it will help supplement the costs it takes for a new mother to continue her education while taking good care of her baby with the end goal of ending the cycle of poverty.

You can Adopt-A-Mom for as little as $25 a month.  Your continued monthly donation allows you to receive progress reports detailing the efforts, educational steps, triumphs and struggles of a new Mom and her baby.

Don't miss this very personal opportunity to make a real difference for Mom and baby and help change lives... two at a time.

To learn more click the button below.


Mary's Angels Giving Circle

WHEN: Ongoing Donor Program

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:  In March of 2018, Mary’s Angels Giving Circle was founded by May & Vincent Smyth with the intent of creating an endowment fund to ensure that the mission of Mary’s Home will continue to grow in service and capacity.

Money raised by the Giving Circle will help sustain an important new Mary's Home program called Women in Transition, which helps supplement monthly rent of women who are moving out of the Home to transition to living as single parents in their own places.

For their part, those assisted by the Women in Transition program must continue to attend Mary's Home programs that offer counseling and advice on how to maintain the healthy habits and skills learned while residing there. They also need to continue with the schooling or education that will enable them to land - and keep - higher paying jobs.

All who believe in this mission are invited to meet the challenge with responsibility and loving commitment by giving $1,000 per year, for five years. In addition, Mary’s Angels will endeavor to enlarge the circle by encouraging others to join. Active and generous support enables Mary’s Home to provide choices, education, life skills, strong support and encouragement to pregnant women desperate for help who would otherwise have nowhere to turn.

Please consider becoming an Angel by contacting our Development Coordinator at 772-223-5000 for more information.

Click the button below if you would like to become a Mary's Home Angel.

Giving Circle